Vanilla Calamity Mod Music — это мод для tModLoader, который добавляет в игру Terraria новые музыкальные треки, вдохновленные модом Calamity.

Описание Vanilla Calamity Mod Music


Forest Day — A Legend’s Strife
Forest Night — Laze of the Sky
Town Day — Haven in the Sunlight
Town Night — Moonlit Haven
Underground — Under the Earth
Caverns — Nearing the Inferno
Marble & Granite Caves — Amidst the Minerals
Glowing Mushroom Fields — Psychedelic Depths
Tundra — Frozen Over
Desert — Scorched to Dust
Ocean Day — shoreline
Ocean Night — serene tides
Corruption — Writhing Shadows
Underground Corruption — Between the Shadows
Crimson — Clotted Lands
Underground Crimson — Bloodstained Terror
Space — Starry Acsent
Meteorite — The Abomination’s Omen
Dungeon — Chambers of the Tyrant
Underworld — Descent Into Hell’s Fury
Workshop Tier 1 — Metal, Wood, and Fire
Workshop Tier 2 — The Sky and the Depths
Workshop Tier 3 — Mythic Metals and Enchanted Fires
Workshop Tier 4 — Fruits of Your Labor
Workshop Tier 5 — False Gods and Ancient Elements
Workshop Tier 6 — Master’s Forge

King Slime — Gelatinous Monarch
Eye of Cthulhu — Bloodshot Barrage
Eater of Worlds — Menace of the Chasms
Brain of Cthulhu — Madness Incarnate
Skeletron — Wrath from the Crypt
Wall of Flesh — Fated Insurrection

Rain — downpour
Lantern Festival — Serenity
Slime Rain — Gelatin Showers
Blood Moon — Congealing Shadows
Blood Moon Death Mode — Sanguine Eclipse

Hardmode Interlude — The Resurrection of a Cruel World
False Epilogue — The Memory of a Cruel World
Rain Legacy — Grey Sky

Alternate Themes
Deep Abyss Alt — R’lyehian Depths
Crimson Alt — Hemorrhage
Rain Alt — sky fall
Blood Moon Alt — Clotted Darkness
King Slime Alt — Battle of the Bouncy
Eye of Cthulhu Alt — Through Evil’s Eye
Destroyer Alt — Behemoth From Beneath

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